Simplifying Software License Compliance: A Game-Changer for Network Admins

In the dynamic world of network administration, staying on top of software licenses count being used in your network is crucial. But let's face it, conducting software compliance audits can be daunting. That's where our innovative tool, "Network Inventory," steps in, transforming the way you manage your network's software licenses.

Remote Audits Made Easy: Gone are the days of manually checking each PC for software compliance. With Steel Network Inventory, you can effortlessly conduct remote audits across your entire network. This means you can obtain a high-level view of all installed applications from the comfort of your desk, ensuring that everything is up to date and compliant.

Comprehensive Software Reports: Steel Network Inventory doesn't just audit; it educates. Receive detailed reports for individual PCs or your whole network, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions. These reports help you identify unauthorized applications, ensuring that your network remains secure and compliant. Say goodbye to the complexities of software audits and hello to simplicity and efficiency!

Optimize Your Resources: Understanding what software is used most helps you optimize your purchases and upgrades. Steel Network Inventory's reporting tools allow you to see which applications are essential and which are underutilized, enabling smarter software management and cost-saving decisions.

User-Friendly Interface: We know that Network Admins have enough complexity to deal with. That's why Steel Network Inventory boasts a user-friendly interface, making software license compliance process as straightforward as possible.

Go ahead and check out how Steel Inventory can determine the license compliance in your network. Download here Steel Network Inventory

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