Image Border Fading Using Gimp

by Steelsonic Technical Services Support

Posted on Sep 28, 2019 at 12:00 PM

You might come across situations where you need a image that has to blend in the background and should have a faded border.. follow the simple step by step method in this tutorial to make a faded border for any image using Gimp...

Step 1:

To make a image border faded, open the image using gimp.

Step 2:

To add up an faded border we would be needing an alpha channel to the image you have loaded. To add an alpha channel to the image go to "Layer" and then "Transparency" and "Add alpha channel"

Step 3:

Click and select the rectangle selection tool. Click and drag to make a rectangle (square) selection of area you wish not to be faded

Step 4:

Click on the menu "Select" and go to "Invert". This is located in the top bar of the Gimp.

Step 5:

Now on the menu "Select" and go to "Feather".

Step 6:

In the pop-up box set the box "Feather selection by" as 25. Click "Ok" and close the pop-up.

Step 7:

Click on the menu "Select" and go to "Clear"

Step 8:

These steps should have given a decent feathering fade out effect to your image. Now we can unselect everything before saving the file. Click on "Select" and "None".

Final output

It is very easy to acheive the faded border output using Gimp. See the comparison below. Good luck trying this method...